Air Greenland Group

Air Greenland A/S

Air Greenland A/S is Greenland’s national airline. It operates on international routes to Copenhagen and a large number of domestic routes in Greenland. The company’s charter department carries out operations in connection with expeditions, exploration, tourist flights and search and rescue (SAR). The fleet consists of 11 fixed wing aircraft and 21 helicopters. Air Greenland A/S is 100 procent owned by Greenland's self-government.

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Hotel Arctic A/S

Hotel Arctic is 100% owned by Greenland’s national airline, Air Greenland A/S, which, in turn, is owned by the Government of Greenland. Despite the Air Greenland ownership, the hotels is not an integral part of the group, per se, but an independent business comparable to an ordinary four-star family-owned provincial hotel. Today, Hotel Arctic is very successful. Guests flock to the hotel and have a unique personal experience at a beautiful hotel in the beautiful Greenland nature where they, by way of example, are picked up at the airport by hotel staff.​

Greenland Travel A/S

Greenland Travel is located in Copenhagen. The agency has more than 20 years of experience with travel to, and in Greenland and is one of the largest organizers of tourist trips to Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands – and combination trips between the three destinations. Greenland Travel provides package tours, group tours and individual trips. Greenland Travel is owned 100 percent by Air Greenland A/S.

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World of Greenland

A partnership between Greenland Travel Ltd. and Ilulissat Travel Ltd. World of Greenland is based in Ilulissat in the Disko Bay, and offers as an incoming bureau excursions by ship, helicopter and by foot to all the town's visitors.
World of Greenland also services the cruise ships that dock at the Ilulissat harbour.

World of Greenland also owns and manages the Ilulissat Youth Hostel and the cabin settlement by Eqi.

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