Loop Fitness

When you are a guest at Hotel Arctic you are free to use our new mini Loop Fitness facility: Ten different machines in a circle.

You use each machine for 45 seconds and then go on to the next machine in the circle. A small “ping” in the music signals when you should change places and after eight minutes you have competed the circle. First go round!

The Loop circle training concept is based on High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT). It boosts fat burning and metabolism, it improves your condition and you get fitter faster. After three “loops”, even the fittest person will be sweating.

Loop Fitness is located centrally in Hotel Arctic’s Puisi Wing. It is open for hotel guests from 08-21 hrs, seven days of the week. Drop in!

Note that we offer a reduced version of the original Loop.

Please note: Loop Fitness is reserved for our overnight guests who may freely use the facilities. Unfortunately, we cannot offer separate access to the fitness room.