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When you visit our website data on you is collected which is used to adapt and improve our contents and to increase the value of the advertisements shown on our website. If you wish that data should not be collected, you should erase your cookies (see guidance) and stop using our website. Below, we specify the data collected, its purpose and the third parties which have access to it.


Our website uses ”cookies” which are text files saved to your computer, mobile phone or similar with the purpose of recognising it, remembering settings, preparing statistics and target advertising. Cookies cannot contain malware such as a virus.

It is possible to erase or block cookies. For guidance, see:

If you erase or block cookies, advertising encountered will be less relevant to you and will be more prevalent. You may also risk that the website does not work optimally and that you may not have access to certain contents.

Our website contains cookies from third parties which to varying degrees may include:

Personal data

In general

Personal data is any type of information which to some extent or other may be attributable to you. When you use our website, we collect and process a certain amount of such data. This happens e.g. on general access of contents, if you subscribe to our newsletter, participate in competitions or surveys, register as a user or a subscriber, other use of services or make purchases via our website.

We typically collect and process the following types of data: A unique ID and technical data on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP address, geographical location as well as the pages on which you click (interests). To the extent that you provide your explicit consent and type in your data, we also process: Name, telephone number, email address, address and payment details. This will typically occur in connection with setting up a login or making purchases.

We have taken technical and organisational measures to ensure that your personal data is not erased, published, lost, degraded or is disclosed to unauthorised parties, whether accidentally or unlawfully, is not abused or otherwise processing in contravention of current legislation.

The data is used to identify you as a user and show you the advertisements which are most likely to be relevant to you, to register your purchases and payments as well as to provide the services you have requested, such as sending you our newsletter. In addition, we use the data to optimise our services and contents.

Storage period
The data is stored for the period of time permitted by legislation and we erase it when it is no longer necessary. The storage period depends on the nature of the data and the reason for storing it. It is therefore impossible to state a general timeframe within which the data is erased.

Disclosing your data
Data on your use of our website, the advertisements received by you and may click on, geographic location, gender, age segment, etc. is disclosed to third parties to the extent that this data is known. You can see the third parties in question in the section headed ”Cookies” above. The data is used to target advertising.

Moreover, we contract with a number of third parties for storage and processing of data. These third parties solely process data on our behalf and are not permitted to use said data for their own purposes.

Disclosure of personal data such as name and email address, etc. will only occur if you have given your consent to this. We only use data processors located within the EU or in countries which are able to adequately protect your personal data.

Access and complaints
You have the right to be informed of which of your personal data we process. Additionally, you have the right to object to personal data being processed. You may also withdraw your consent to your personal data being processed. If the personal data which is being processed is incorrect, you have the right to have it rectified or erased. If you wish to file a complaint about our processing of your personal data, you may also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency/Datatilsynet.

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